Target customers. Build your brand.
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Our Reach

Second Media has assembled an audience of more than 10 million outdoor, hunting, fishing, and shooting sports enthusiasts on over 100 websites.

Reach More Customers at Key Consumer Decision Points

Reach More Customers

We place your brand in premium
positions that allow you to influence
potential customers as they browse
across our network at key consumer
decision points.

Transparent Reporting with Actionable Feedback

Transparent Reporting

Our reports provide actionable
feedback on how our audience
responds to your brand and creative
so we can use that information to
improve your advertising campaigns.

Collaboration on Budget, Timing and Strategy


Second Media will work with you on
budget, timing and strategy to help
achieve your campaign goals. Our team
will monitor your campaign daily and
help take it to the next level.

Second Media has a complete set of targeting tools that allow you to connect
with outdoor, hunting, fishing and shooting sports consumers.

What else can we offer you?

  • Banner creative services
  • Market research
  • Sponsorshop packages
  • Newsletters
  • Contests

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